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Managed IT Solutions

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Information & Communications Technology Solutions

Managed IT Solutions

We offer top rated brands namely Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo etc. We keep our Technical team up to date with the latest technical knowledge and qualifications needed to be able to give the best advice and support with minimal downtime. We work with our clients to create a strategic technology plan that leverages best practices and up-to-date industry standards for optimal IT security and disaster recovery planning along with proactive network scans and maintenance. Years of experience and tools help us to go the extra mile for clients, delivering simplified, stream-lined implementations. Our Service level agreement will meet our client’s highest expectations. From timed agreements to a permanent onsite technicians.

Notebooks & Desktops

We offer top rated brands namely Dell, Asus, HP, Lenovo etc. We provide new installations, maintenance, upgrades and repairs.

Desktop Computers

Prevention is better than cure! If you take some time to perform some basic PC maintenance tasks, you can not only make sure the machine has optimal performance but also lengthen the device’s lifespan. Otherwise, the few minutes that you didn’t spend on desktop/notebook maintenance could become hours of unnecessary work in the future.


We Specialize in Microsoft software, from Windows Operating Systems for normal Notebooks and desktops like Windows 10 to Server operating systems like Microsoft Server 2019 and Datacentre.

And Microsoft 365 to help us and our clients with a huge spectrum of solution on the following sections :

Productivity and teamwork

  • IM and Chat
  • Online meetings
  • Email and calendaring
  • Office across devices
  • File storage and sharing
  • Intranet and team sites
  • Enterprise social
  • Accessibly
  • Virtualization

Business management

  • Simplified management
  • Business process automation
  • Extensibility
  • Forms and workflow management
  • Work management
  • Customer scheduling and booking

Security and Compliance

  • Identity and access management
  • Information protection
  • Threat Protection
  • Security Management
  • World-Class Compliance

Servers & Data Centres

We have partnered with the top brands in the Sever and Data Centres industry like Dell EMC, HP Enterprise and SuperMicro.

Servers & Data Centres
Servers & Data Centres

We specialize in the following Solutions :

  • Modernize IT
    Modernize IT infrastructure to drive innovation and achieve real business outcomes.
  • Data Capital
    Unlock the value of your data and be more likely to make faster data-driven decisions.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Realize the power of AI with modern infrastructure and AI-enabled IT solutions.
  • Cloud
    Achieve greater business agility and accelerate time to market.
  • Data Analytics
    Harness the value of your data with integrated, validated tools for big data analytics.
  • High Performance Computing
    Make innovation real with HPC solutions and modern IT infrastructure.
  • Edge and Internet of Things
    Drive smarter decisions with IoT solutions from the Dell Technologies portfolio.
  • Microsoft SQL
    Simplify deployment of SQL environments and accelerate time-to-value for better service delivery and business innovation.
  • VMware & Hyper-V
    Solutions to deliver consistent cloud operations and a modern end-user experience across core.
  • Enterprise Workloads
    Create new value with an IT infrastructure optimized for your critical business workloads.

NAS Backup & Storage Solutions

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) system is a storage device connected to a network that allows storage and retrieval of data from a central location for authorised network users and varied clients. 

NAS devices are flexible and scale out, meaning that as you need additional storage, you can add to what you have. NAS is like having a private cloud in the office. It’s faster, less expensive and provides all the benefits of a public cloud on site, giving you complete control.

NAS Backup & Storage Solutions
NAS Backup & Storage Solutions

NAS units together with our Backup software helps us to keep your Business Running. Businesses can be at risk of losing important data. Lost data leads to costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines, and lost revenue. As a result, IT pros must meet extremely high expectations. You need to keep the company running 24-hours a day.

We deliver the data protection that meets today’s demands. It keeps your business running, protecting any workload, scaling without limits, and saving you money.

Network Security

Intercept X Endpoint

End-to-End Endpoint Protection employs a comprehensive defence-in-depth approach to endpoint protection, rather than simply relying on one primary security technique to block even previously unseen security threats like ransomware and other malware. Using a combination of leading foundational (traditional) and modern (next-gen) techniques, Intercept X keeps malware at bay, integrating the industry’s top-rated malware detection, exploit, and endpoint detection and response (EDR).

Modern attackers don’t just focus on desktops and laptops, and neither does Intercept X. This is why the same technology that drives Intercept X endpoint protection is also available for servers and mobile devices.

Firewall protection

What is a Firewall? - A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of security rules.

Firewall Protection

Firewalls have been a first line of defence in network security for over 25 years. They establish a barrier between secured and controlled internal networks that can be trusted and untrusted outside networks, such as the Internet.

Sophos XG Firewall help us and our clients with addition to the basic protection like :

  • Expose Hidden Risks
    Superior visibility into risky activity, suspicious traffic, and advanced threats helps you regain control of your network.
  • Stop Unknown Threats
    Powerful next-gen protection technologies like deep learning and intrusion prevention keep your organization secure.
  • Isolate Infected Systems
    Automatic threat response instantly identifies and isolates compromised systems on your network to stop threats from spreading.

SLA - Service Level Agreement

Companies which become a “Service Level Agreement” or SLA Client will be appointed the status of Premier Client. All premier clients will receive the highest level of preferential treatment including discounted prices and privileged response times. An SLA is a full service approach for ICTS to proactively manage all of your Information Technology needs. If your company is interested in a long term strategic approach to leveraging information technology to meet your core business objects, this is the right solution for you!

Block of Time (BOT)

Companies which purchase a “Block of Time” or BOT will be appointed the status of Client. All Clients will receive preferential treatment including discounted prices and privileged response times over ad hoc customers.

Full Outsource

We assume all responsibility of an internal ICT division as our clients. We address all ICT related issues in your business by placing permanent, skilled ICT staff on your site. We have the ability to scale the solution, depending on the size of your operations. By taking advantage of our range of outsourcing options, you have the opportunity to optimize operational processes and focus on your core business.

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