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Information & Communications Technology Solutions


We offer full-scale Network Infrastructure and Device Management, which includes monitoring and maintenance on our network together with the cutting edge technology that we provide that have the potential to create a network from a small office to country wide with our Point-to-Point Licensed IP Microwave Radio Systems and Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Broadband Networks with bandwidth up to 600mbps

Our Network monitoring and responsible maintenance are the key in helping to prevent major issues that ultimately lead to downtime or data loss.

LAN & WLAN Design

Our Network Engineers have all the necessary tools and qualifications to design the network that you need for your Business. We make sure we fully understand your Business objectives. We've earned a reputation for building local and wide area network solutions for organizations of all sizes.

LAN & WLAN Designs

Our Microsoft-certified and HP-certified engineers are expertly qualified to design, build, and reconfigure business-grade networks providing your business state-of-the-art network implementation services.

Fibre Installations

We offer fibre optic network installations, inside and outside of your business.

Fibre Installations

Our installers are Chronos and MegaNet certified.

PTP Licensed Microwave Radio Systems

Licensed microwave links offer exclusivity to frequencies in the 7GHz to 40GHz spectrum, also known as "fixed wireless backhaul", licensed links are more popular as a result of noise interference in the unlicensed wireless spectrum, such as 2.4Ghz or 5.8GHz. Licensed wireless bridges provide security from the risk of wireless interference from other outdoor radio frequency systems. This is the major reason to opt for a licenced unit where interference can degrade an unlicensed outdoor wireless bridge system's performance and in some cases even prevent the system from functioning at all.

With Point-to-Point Licensed IP Microwave Radio Systems Cambium makes it easy to backhaul or extend your network wirelessly. Their high-performance, point-to-point radio solutions operate in many frequencies, providing reliable connectivity when and where you need it, even in the most challenging environments.

PTMP Wireless Networks

Wireless broad band where you need it. Build broadband connectivity with Cambium's Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Broadband Networks. Rapidly deploy data, voice and video applications with low total cost of ownership. We provide high-speed connectivity in line of sight (LoS), near-line-of-sight (nLoS) and non-lineof-sight (NLoS) conditions at distances of up to 245 km. With industry leading spectral efficiency.

VOIP Telephone Systems

What Is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also referred to as IP Telephony or Internet Telephony. It is another way of making phone calls, with the difference of making the calls are cheaper or completely free by linking offices/home works together all on the one VoIP system. The ‘office phone’ part is not always present anymore, as you can communicate without a telephone set you can use what is called a soft phone on your desktop.

VoIP has a lot of advantage over the traditional phone system. The main reason for which people are so massively turning to VoIP technology is the cost. VoIP is said to be cheap, but most people use it for free. Yes, if you have a computer with a microphone and speakers, and a good Internet connection, you can communicate using VoIP for free. This can also be possible with your
mobile and home phone.

VOIP telephone systems
VOIP telephone systems

There are many ways of using VoIP technology. It all depends on where and how you will be making the calls. It could be at home, at work, in your corporate network, during a travel and even on the beach. The way you make calls varies with the VoIP service you use.

The world of VoIP can be confusing for a business owner if done right your business can save money and also take advantage of the business feature the VoIP system can offer. Think of a hosted pbx or a voip system setup as you own around the world private network linking the main office secondary office home workers your mobile phone all together as one telephone system

Once you are all linked together as one, tasks become easy features like transferring an incoming phone call to your second office in a second state as the customer thinks all staff members are within the same office.

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