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I-CAT Fire Suppresion

ICTS together with I-CAT Fire Solutions is at the forefront of providing world-leading fire suppression technologies. We conduct multidisciplinary research and technological innovation to advance our fire suppression systems.

We offer a range of technologies that are dynamic, innovative and effective to exceed client’s expectations. Our fire suppression products all utilize specialized T-Rotor Technology that is currently the leading misting technology internationally.

Blazer Buster

The BLAZE BUSTER unit was developed as a fast and effective alternative to major fire extinguishing equipment. The unit consists of 4 x 230 litre self-contained and pre-mixed foam cylinders which have a high-performance canon with a discharge range of approximately 30 meters. No external sources of water or electrical supply is required to operate the unit.


I-PROTECT is an ideal solution for restricted or small enclosures containing valuable electrical equipment. It is a low-pressure pneumatic automatic fire suppression system that is a direct, quick response application. The system consists of linear heat detection tubing pressurised with nitrogen, and a cylinder filled with CLEAVOS 1230 which is an odourless, non-hazardous, clear and non-corrosive fire suppression agent.


The ROTO-FIRE-PAC is capable of extinguishing class A, B, C and K fires by using Foam Mist as the agent. The unit creates a fineatomised mist, charged with kinetic energy to penetrate the heat radiation caused by a fire. The ROTO-FIRE-PAC is an effective alternative to hand-held extinguishers, especially for mining proto teams and emergency fire response teams.

Vehicle Suppression System

The I-CAT Vehicle Suppression Systems are pre-engineered systems utilising I-PROTECT linear heat detection tubing as well as specialized discharge nozzles to safely and efficiently suppress fires and cool down engine compartments, wheel arches and brake cooling systems to a safe working temperature on buses (BSS), heavy duty mechanical vehicles (VSS) and armoured vehicles (AVSS). In-cab water mist suppression systems are also available.

Conveyor Belt Suppression System

Surface and underground conveyor belt suppression is one of the most common applications for I-CAT’s LSS and consists of threesub-systems i.e. primary suppression, cooling zones and a redundancy system (including an early warning system); collectively capable of suppressing fires on complete conveyor belt installations.

Localised Suppression System

I-CAT’s Localised Suppression Systems (LSS) are fixed indirect pre-engineered systems utilising revolutionary I-PROTECT linear heatdetection tubing as well as specialised discharge nozzles to safely and efficiently extinguish fires on various types of equipment such as transformers, conveyors, hydraulic power packs, generators, fuel storage tanks etc. The system cools down affected equipment to a safe working temperature, through effective nozzle placement design. Engineered or custom solutions are also available for specialised risk applications.

Hand-Held Mist Extinguishers

I-CAT’s hand-held water mist extinguishers are capable of extinguishing class A, B and C fires while the hand-held foam mist extinguishers are capable of extinguishing class A, B, C and K fires. Both types of extinguishers aim to effectively suppress the fire while minimising collateral damage and causing no thermal shock to equipment.

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